What carries supreme value, with no price tag, and is something each of us has the power to give?

A word.

Join me on a lifelong journey to make each word a gift.

The greatest gift we can receive is the truth found in the Word of God. My husband and I support Bible translation because these Ancient Words are still changing lives all over the world.

A man in a Bible school studies a passage of scripture.

People receive dignity and hope when they are empowered to hear and read the Word in the language they understand best. There is a role for every believer in Bible translation.

2 thoughts on “home

  1. Christen, Just read your blog post about your daughters and sharing a room. Wow! I am so impressed. Kami has a tangible gift from the Father in the arms of you, Mason and her siblings. He puts the ffatherless in families. I was touched by your account and praise God for your love that is flowing in so many directions, including ours.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Brian!! We can’t believe the author of “26 ways” made his way over to our little corner of cyberspace…we are a little star struck. 🙂


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